Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy is a scientifically supported approach often used for the treatment of trauma and other mental health concerns. EMDR involves the use of technology to assist the brain in processing and integrating difficult memories, thoughts, and emotions. Preparation for EMDR begins with a thorough personal history and an exploration of negative beliefs that keep you stuck. Along the way, your therapist will provide you with new strategies for coping that you will put to use immediately.

The processing phase of EMDR involves stimulation to each side of the body. We have many technology options to provide clients with the most comfortable experience possible including light stimulation, handheld pulsators, and sound stimulation. This stimulation challenges the brain’s working memory while your therapist guides you through difficult thoughts and emotions. Clients report that EMDR helps them find peace with difficult experiences in the past and present. EMDR provides a supportive, structured space for the processing of difficult negative beliefs and experiences, freeing you up to pursue your best life.