Psychological Evaluations- Asylum, VAWA and Extreme Hardship Immigration Cases


Dr. Bluntzer provides psychological evaluations for those petitioning for Asylum, Extreme Hardship waivers and VAWA. For the assessments, Dr. Bluntzer meets with each client two different times for a total of 3 hours. During these meetings, she asks clients about emotional symptoms, their relationships, and other aspects of their lives. Clients often comment on Dr. Bluntzer's warm and compassionate approach, making it easier to discuss difficult experiences. 

Dr. Bluntzer's written assessments are thorough and in-depth. Not only does she document psychological symptoms, she writes compellingly about the life stories of each client. For each assessment, she also highlights the factors that make each case unique, such as country conditions, impact of medical issues, as well as impact on children when faced with separation from a parent. 

Dr. Bluntzer meets with clients throughout the state of Texas. She works with an excellent Spanish-English interpreter, when needed. Full evaluations are $550 and payment plans are available. Please call for a free 10 minute consultation: 210-255-0923.