What is testing?

Psychological evaluations consist of a series of tests administered by a team of specialists that investigate your cognitive functions, abilities, traits, and behaviors. Each test is curated to examine on an in-depth level exactly how a person reacts, feels, and responds when using specific parts of the brain. A test can vary in format, ranging from structured tasks, puzzles, tests of attention, to surveys. All tests utilize consistently updated psychological research in order to best gauge and interpret performance.

Kinds of testing

Dr. Catalina Rodas offers a wide variety of evaluations for ages 13 and up. At Hawks, we believe there is no “one size fits all” with mental health- everyone has their own journey and unique experiences. For that reason, each evaluation is meticulously curated to address your specific needs.

What are the benefits? How can it help?

Psychological testing can provide valuable insight into an individual's everyday experiences, personality, learning, and social development. From this point, recommendations tailored to the patient’s specific educational and mental health needs can be made.

The findings/diagnosis can ease access to important resources such as classroom accommodations, course selection, support groups, and therapy.  An evaluation can help students request college accommodations as well.

An evaluation can provide crucial information for medical treatment and medications. It can help determine if you’re ready for a surgical procedure.

Evaluations we offer

  • ADHD

    • For those who may be experiencing: an inability to sit still, acting impulsively, short attention spans, being easily distracted, having trouble completing/organizing tasks
    • Can affect performance at school, work, and home setting

    • Anxiety can make interactions more difficult, potentially compromising confidence
    • For those who may be experiencing: frequently feeling “on-edge”, nervous, or restless, difficulty controlling feelings of worry, an impending sense of danger

    • For those who may be experiencing: an overwhelming sense of emptiness, hopelessness, or sadness that may not seem to be caused by life-events, loss of interest/pleasure in activities that you used to enjoy
    • May feel like a dark cloud looming over head, unbearable weight, isolation, faltering relationships, etc

    • Academic settings can be challenging enough on their own- things aren’t clicking? Falling behind peers
    • For those who may be experiencing: problems with reading, writing, math, along with other academic concepts
    • Earlier intervention can better help long term learning and academic success
  • OCD

    • For those who may be experiencing: worry of losing control, unwanted thoughts, fear of contamination, compulsive behaviors, continuously mulling over the same thing

    • For those who may be experiencing: mood inconsistencies, ups and downs, irritability, aggression, or hostility
    • A mood disorder could lead to someone feeling like they have little control over their emotions or reactions
  • Conduct Disorders

    • Children or teens may have trouble abiding by rules and boundaries. They may even surface as aggression or destructive behaviors
    • This may be something deeper than typical behavioral issues
  • Diagnostic Clarification

    • You may have received a previous diagnosis, perhaps several- but a diagnosis without a more in depth understanding can be confusing, causing it to be hard to make headway
    • Diagnostic clarification could aid in treatment. It is easier to target something when you know more about it.
  • Spinal cord stimulators and Bariatric procedures

    • Your surgeon wants to be sure you are prepared for surgery. Our presurgical screenings help support your medical treatment and ensure you have the support you need.  
  • Cosmetic Surgery

    • Ensuring that you are psychologically ready for a surgical procedure is a way to maintain safety and ensure your full understanding of the implications of surgery.
  • Adoption and Third Party Reproduction

    • Family building can often be a stressful and confusing time. We provide evaluations for parent(s) wanting to adopt as well as third party reproduction (like donors and surrogates).

What to expect

  • Intake appointment

    This will be the initial appointment where you may express any concerns, behaviors, or symptoms. This will help our clinicians to get a deeper perspective regarding you or your loved one’s unique experiences. We want to get to know as much as possible to best be able to serve you and create a custom testing experience. We also provide consultations for parents interested in testing.

  • Testing Sessions

    Our testing sessions are one-on-one with a clinician that specializes in test administration. We prioritize providing clients with a quiet, private, and comfortable space. Clients will be guided through a variety of unique tasks and tests that will provide our clinicians with in-depth overview of cognition and socio-emotional functioning. Evaluations are usually organized into two hour sessions, so as to not fatigue our clients or impact performance.

  • Feedback appointment

    During your feedback session, a psychologist will review all findings that were uncovered during testing. They will present a detailed breakdown of your results and diagnosis. They will additionally provide recommendations or suggest accommodations based on your needs, making sure to provide clarity on any questions/concerns you may have.

  • Report

    You will be provided a comprehensive report for your records that includes a breakdown of the tests and the relevant recommendations.